Spa spring clean

Tips to get your spa back into shape

Step 1 – Clean the pipes, filter & waterline

Using a filter cleaner & degreaser will help dissolve and loosen the built-up oil, dirt and scale deposits from your filters. Soak filters for 2-24 hours and thoroughly rinse before replacing back in the spa.
Similarly, pipework in a spa can also become lined with build up of body fats and chemicals. A pipe cleaner solution will help to ensure your spa plumbing is cleared out and running efficiently.
Don’t forget Cheryl’s handy little tip, pH Buffer (or Alkalinity Enhancer/Conditioner/Sodium Bicarbonate) is the best cleaner you can use for any waterline stains inside your spa. Just sprinkle some on a cloth, with a small amount of water and wipe.

Step 2 – Clean the spa

Scoop any excess debris, and use a spa vacuum to remove any sediment from the seats or floor of the spa. Don’t forget about your spa cover also, giving this a wipe down with warm water to remove any algae, and using a vinyl cleaner will help protect the cover.

Step 3 – Balance the water

Given the temperature of water (ideal for bugs!), it is essential that the correct amount of sanitiser is used in your spa at all times. If you have a water test kit at home, use this regularly! If not, bring a water sample into Waikato Filtration for a free water analysis.
We can check the spa is ready on site, or in store!
Come in-store at 27 Vialou Street, or call us on 07 839 7426 and we’ll pop round to take a look and report back to you with our findings.