KDC10 Granulated Carbon With KDF Media 0.5 Micron 10` Standard C

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PN 55548
KDC10 Granulated Carbon with KDF media 5 Micron 10′ Standard Cartridge

Hygenic Life: 12 months, Maximum Flow: 4lpm.
Filterpure carbon and purification filters remove a number of impurities, chemicals, odour and taste from drinking water.
The Davey Filterpure range is a quality solution providing a noticeable improvement in drinking water supplies.
They are available in a range of flow rates, suitable for a single tap to larger sizes that can service whole of house applications.
Davey’s speciality filters target removal or reduction of specific elements including heavy metals, fluoride, microbes, nitrates and arsenic.
Carbon filters in second stage filtration are an excellent choice to remove unwanted tastes and odours such as chlorine and sulphur. They can also be used for tannin reduction.