Pool spring clean

Tips to get your pool back into shape

Step 1 – Check your equipment

Turn your pump on (if it isn’t running already) and let it run for a few hours. This will help filter out any suspended debris and dirt in the water. While the pump is going, have a look at your filter, skimmer box, and the pump itself; are they all working efficiently? Are there any blockages, or calcium build ups forming on any bits of equipment? Have you thoroughly backwashed your filter recently?

Step 2 – Clean the pool

Scoop the excess debris from pool & shock dose with chlorine. Brush and scrub the walls (to remove algae) if needed. If the pool is slightly green, more chlorine is needed. If the pool is cloudy, you may need to add floc to the pool, then turn the pump off and let the particles settle on the floor. When the water is clear, vacuum the sediment to waste. A clarifier may also help during the filtering process, to help remove the last of the sediment.

Step 3 – Balance the water

Although now the water might look clean after it has been filtered, the sanitiser, pH, alkalinity & hardness could still be out of balance. If you have a water test kit at home, now’s the time to use it! If not, bring a water sample into Waikato Filtration for a free analysis.

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