Is your pool really clean?

Clean pool

Restore that sparkle in your pool with Dolphin

Did you know that, in most cases, letting your pool go green means the effort & expense required to bring it back to life will more often than not significantly outweigh the cost of keeping up with regular winter maintenance.

But if you’re just wanting to relax and enjoy a swim, rather than sweating the cleaning regime – have you considered getting a Dolphin to do the work for you? Every Dolphin pool cleaner combines advanced technologies with proven reliability so you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort. Dolphin pool cleaner robots have always been at the forefront of pool cleaner innovation, and help you enjoy a superior pool experience, every day.

The Dolphin robotic pool cleaners use a fraction of the resources used by other cleaning systems –saving you time and money. With a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner you need less chemicals for your pool, simply because you don’t use up as much water with backwashes. While vacuuming, Dolphin filters the water completely independently of the pools main filtration system – as a result the water is extra circulated and filtered.

An independent study by an Electrical Supply Company showed that robots consume up to 83% less electricity than traditional pool cleaners. Dolphin’s achieve superior surface coverage through intelligent systematic scanning logic, to ensure brushes cover 100% of the pool.

With the Dolphin working for you, you can completely relax and enjoy your pool with full confidence that it is completely clean and hygienic. Dolphin – pool cleaning made easy!