Drinking water

  • Residential
  • School
  • Commercial
  • Rural

Clean, safe drinking water is really important to us. Filters cleanse water to different extents for different purposes.

A quality water filter will remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, bad taste and odours, sediment, rust, fuels, dirt and detergents, plus a myriad of harmful bacteria.

Whether your water source is town supply, a bore, stream, spring or rainwater, we can ensure the quality of that water is of the highest standard.

Some key services we offer include:

Traditional filters and purifiers

We can help with:

  • Drinking water purifiers – underbench or counter top
  • Taste or smell correction
  • Fine or specialist filtration (fluoride and chlorine removal)
  • Whole house systems
  • Specialist water filters for caravan coffee machines
  • Water filters and chillers

Water quality testing and analysis

We Have our own testing equipment to test for:

  • Chemical (mineral &pH) testing
  • Micro-biological (coliform / e.coli) testing
  • Flow rate
  • We have our own testing equipment
  • We use an accredited laboratory to test for bugs

Design, installation and service of water treatment systems

We match the system to your situation, making sure your water is safe and clean.

  • Iron and manganese removal (water softeners)
  • pH correction
  • Sediment filtration
  • Water disinfection and UV treatment
  • Cyst filtration
  • Speciality filters for taste, limescale prevention or reduction of hardness, nitrates, fluoride, arsenic, etc
  • Multimedia filters
  • We use quality Davey products
  • Guarantee all our installations

Tank water collection and treatment

Rain harvesting systems including:

  • Pure rainwater capture and conservation
  • Leaf diverters
  • First flush diverters
  • Tank level floats
  • Tank vacuum kits

Call us on 07 839 7426 or email your request and we’ll send our team out to review your situation and get something sorted as soon as possible.

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